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It is helpful, and in many cases a requirement, for teachers to keep track of their students attendance, be this in a school, college or university. Separate spreadsheets are available for tracking attendance in other places, such as in the workplace, visitor sign-in sheets, and doctor sign-in or patient sign-in sheets. Each is tailored for specific situations, so while it may be possible to use a spreadsheet for alternative purposes, using the correct spreadsheet for your circumstances will enable you to make use of all the features.

These weekly and monthly attendance forms allow you to record whether students were present in class, absent, tardy, unexcused or excused. Whether recording across a week or a month, attendance for each student is totalled, so you can easily see how often they attended, or not. Both are designed to be printer friendly, so you can either fill them out on screen, or print them as blank attendance forms and enter details by hand to be typed up later if this is more convenient. Should you wish to record this information over the entire academic year, we also have a yearly attendance tracker available.

Monthly Attendance Spreadsheet

The monthly attendance tracker allows attendance to be recorded for a whole month. While it can be used for classes attended daily, it is perhaps most useful for timetables that stretch over a period of more than one week, or where classes are not held daily.

Information such as the teacher, subject and room can be filled in at the top of the page. The month and year should also be filled in in this section, as the days of the week, along with the number of days in the month will be filled in on the tracker based on this information. Student IDs and names should be entered on the left, and if additional students need to be added, this can simply be done by right clicking on the row number where it states "insert a new row above this line" and selecting Insert from the menu. Pressing Ctrl-D while the new line is still highlighted will see the formulas which calculate the total attendance for the month copied down too.

For each day that class has been held, simply use the letter from the key above corresponding to students attendance type to record whether or not each student came to class. A running total will be shown on the far right of the tracker. Weekends are marked in grey, in order to make it easier to read, but can be completed should class take place over the weekend.

Weekly Attendance Spreadsheet

The weekly attendance tracker allows you to record which students were present for class every day for a week. This spreadsheet is most useful where classes are run on a weekly timetable, with students attending every, or most days.

There are two worksheets. Both allow you to record the same information, but it gives you the freedom to record attendance in the way that suits you best. In both worksheets, there is information for your records to fill out above the attendance tracker itself, such as the week, year, teacher, room and subject. Student names and ID numbers are entered on the left of the page, and their attendance totals are automatically calculated on the right. New students can be added by right clicking on the row number for the line stating "insert a new row above this line", and choosing Insert from the menu. Pressing Ctrl-D while the new row is still highlighted will ensure that any formulas from the row above are copied down correctly.

The Weekly Attendance A worksheet allows you to record attendance by inserting a single letter, representing whether or not the student was in class. There is a key at the top of the page explaining what letters can be used, and what each represents.

The Weekly Attendance B worksheet has a box for each attendance type, which can be marked with an x to show students attendance type. This type of attendance tracker can be filled in quite quickly if the majority of students are to be recorded the same (e.g. present). Again, there is a key at above the attendance tracker.

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