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Spreadsheet Price Quote Template is just the right template for you, if you are dealing with multiple quotations every day. This template simplifies the generation of accurate and simple quotes. You can now publish and send the quotation to the concerned party, within seconds.

Typically, a perfect quote needs to provide some basic information like:

Quote template is comprehensive template and it includes all the above mentioned details. This easy to use template comes in two different formats: Portrait and Landscape.

If the customer accepts the quote then it needs to be officially signed and sent back via e-mail, fax, mail, courier, etc. to confirm the acceptance.

This template has a settings page that acts like a mini database and stores all the company details that would get automatically populated on the Quote. You can select enable or disable option from the drop down menu to either print the company name or slogan on the top or not. There is an option to select a color scheme for the quote; you can select the preferred color through the design picker. You can also record the Company Address on the settings page and this saves you from re-typing the address on every Quote. This page also has pre-defined country setting like any applicable tax that the country levies and the currency in which the Quote needs to be published.

It also includes two sheets, named as "Price Quote" and "Price Quote(Lanscape)". The first sheet has a portrait layout and the other one is in landscape layout. You can use the format as per your preference. Both the sheets has the company details and the logo on top with the company address that populates, automatically. A few other fields that needs to be recorded are required:

The price quote worksheet has a table that clearly describes the services, items details, etc. along with its quoted price. The sub-total for the entered list of task is automatically calculated. You can specify the discount value if any and the VAT/Tax percentage, etc. The page automatically calculates the VAT/Tax percentage amount and the Total Quotation value with help of pre-defined formulas. Once all the details are correctly filled you can take a print of the quote or can convert it into a PDF file and mail to the customer for approval.

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